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About us

Hope One World (HOW) provides educational workshops, training and support for communities around the world. We are innovative in the way we use human resources from higher education and schools in the UK to aid the development of our partners overseas.

HOW operates as an independent charity from its base near Liverpool UK and is sustained through its own fundraising activities, donations made through the Charities Trust, and payroll-giving schemes which enable tax-free donations to be made.

For two decades now, teams of university tutors, school teachers and students have travelled to settlements in a growing list of countries. When they get there the tutors work with teachers in the schools and the students teach the children either in their schools or in their villages.

No other UK higher education group in the country approaches help for communities elsewhere in the world in this way. HOW is already looking beyond this for other ways to support long-term teaching and learning experiences.

HOW projects are located right across India, in both Indian and Tibetan communities, as well as in Sri Lanka, Nigeria, Malawi, Uganda, South Africa and Brazil. Most of these are linked to our association with SOS Children’s Villages, the inspirational UK arm of SOS Kinderdorf International, one of the world’s largest charities caring for orphaned and dispossessed children.

HOW is proud of its partnership with SOS Children’s Villages which has done so much to help us turn our hopes and dreams into reality.

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Hope One World is fundraising towards

Project India

Hope One World has been mounting projects in India since 1987. These projects take place in SOS Children’s Village schools which are organised and run by SOS Kinderdorf International, the world’s leading support organisation for orphaned and destitute children. The fundamental aim of the projects has ...

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Project Malawi

Hope One World first carried out workshops in Lilongwe, the capital city of Malawi, in the summer of 1998. The projects take place in the SOS Children’s Village school which is organised and run by SOS Kinderdorf International, the world’s leading support organisation for orphaned and ...

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Project Nigeria

Hope One World first carried out workshops in Nigeria in the summer of 1995, at Our Lady’s Notre Dame School in Ilorin under the leadership of Sr. Helena Boland. In 2001 when Sister Helena moved to Enugu, the workshops moved also. The fundamental aim of the Nigeria project ...

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